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Gusto is an integrated payroll, benefits, and HR software for small and mid-sized businesses. The company was founded in 2011 as ZenPayroll and rebranded to Gusto in September of 2015. Gusto serves over 40,000 companies nationwide and has offices in San Francisco and Denver.

I joined Gusto — then ZenPayroll, as the fifth member of the design team. I had the great opportunity to work with several agencies and the in-house team, shaping ZenPayroll's rebrand to Gusto and its new brand identity. In addition I worked on Gusto's growth team focusing on growing new channels for customer acquisition, and on the Brand design team — building brand awareness through marketing campaigns.

ZenPayroll to Gusto redesign


Color and typographic brand guidelines

Applications of brand guidelines by Gusto design team

Ready, set, rebrand!

In September of 2015, ZenPayroll went through a radical transformation. We changed our name to Gusto and underwent new branding, logo, and unveiled a health benefits product. The company worked with two creative agencies to develop the messaging platform and logo. The agencies laid the groundwork of the new brand and were a huge source of inspiration for the team. From that point, the in-house design team spearheaded the redesign — launching our new website, logo, and brand colors. I was deeply involved in the rebranding, working closely with Nelson Cash and the internal team at Gusto, including the Head of Design.

Gusto brand guidelines

As apart of ZenPayroll's rebrand to Gusto, the company needed to establish new brand guidelines for print, web, and product. The design team worked collaboratively to establish a system that was scalable, flexible, and distinct. I was an integral part of the teams that established our colors and typography. The style guide was sent out for internal use and to external vendors, as well as built out by myself and the team in our code database.

Brand campaign commercials

Four part Gusto digital commercials

Dorky behind-the-scenes photos of me and the team

Brand campaign commercials

In September of 2016, the Gusto Brand team launched a brand awareness campaign. The original campaign concept was pitched by myself and two colleagues. It originated from insights we gleamed from a focus group session conducted with HR admins in California and New Jersey. From the sessions, a common thread among the HR admins was the immense breadth of their role, which included recruiting, onboarding, payroll and office management to name a few. In short — HR admins do everything. We felt that Kristen Schaal was the perfect person to embody this role because of her quirky charm and cheery personality.

Based off this concept, the team wrote the original script of the 'So many Zoes' video and collaborated with Erich & Kallman and Biscuit Production to develop three other short videos of the series. I creative directed the photo shoot with Kristen Schaal, choosing the props, wardrobe, and poses for the photos that would be featured on our corporate website, billboards and other campaign collateral.

The commercials resonated with our audience, generating over 1,400,000 views and wining Adweek's Ad of the Day.

Growth and acquisition

A data-driven approach to designing for acquisition

I lead design on the Growth team at Gusto for four quarters between 2015 - 2016. The team's mission was to acquire new customers by running AB tests, conducting user-research and conduct acquisition experiments. I worked closely in a small agile team of engineers and product managers.

Our team used a data-driven approach and designed within in the constraints of conversion optimization. Working on this team sharpened my instincts for designing for conversion and I found it immensely gratifying to have such a measurable impact on the company by making a quantifiable improvements on our conversion rate overtime.



3.33% conversion rate



6.04% conversion rate

Case study: Brand campaign paid landing page AB test

The featured AB test was a landing page experiment we ran as apart of our brand campaign. Along with the billboards and videos, we launched a gated quiz to attract a lower intent audience to engage with our brand. Our ads performed well on Facebook but we saw a high bounce rate on the subsequent landing page. A small team consisting of an Online Marketing analyst, Product Marketing Manager and myself teamed up to solve the high bounce rate of this landing page.


  • The landing page imagery is too disconnected from the content

  • There is too much friction to ask users to complete the quiz prior to lead capture

  • High majority of traffic is mobile, and the page is optimized for desktop


  • By mobile optimizing the quiz, asking for lead capture up front, and providing some upfront value to user in the form of an additional video we will create an experience that is delightful, easy, and valuable enough for a user to give us a piece of their contact information.


  • By making these changes we were able to increase conversion by 81%, from a 3.33% conversion rate to a 6.04% conversion rate.

Customer journey map