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Wordsmith—Chrome Extension Design and development

I created and designed Wordsmith after discovering there wasn't a simple, clean Chrome extension to help learn vocabulary. The idea is simple: leverage existing SAT word data sets and style the vocabulary word and definitions in elegant typography.

Using the new tab screen in Chrome while browsing the internet is an eye-catching but unobtrusive way to introduce or reinforce vocabulary words into those looking to increase their lexicon. The screen is simple enough to ensure legibility but elegantly designed with subtle variations to help avoid tedium.

Install Wordsmith: Chrome Extension Store

Wordsmith Positioning

For the Chrome Store marketing materials, I created some simple branding and positioning for Wordsmith.


New tab, new word. Download Wordsmith, a Chrome extension to learn new words every time you open a new tab.


Wordsmith is a chrome extension that shows a new vocabulary word with each new tab. The elegant and simple design will help you learn new words without distracting from browsing.

Use Wordsmith for test preparation, to improve your active vocabulary, or just for fun! Wordsmith utilizes over 1,000 words pulled from GMAT, SAT, and ACT lists of words to know.

Wordsmith Chrome Extension

Tech stack:

Wordsmith is a light-weight tool utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I build the front-end and partnered with Lindsay Grizzard on the back-end connections. She wrote about her experience developing Chrome Extensions in CSS Tricks.


Wordsmith custom word dataset is a curated and enhanced version based off of a GRE-word dataset. I removed words that we're technically apart of the standardized testing lists, but were commonly known and used. I removed any NSFW or overly grotesk words as to forgo any embarresment at if an unsavory word was to surface at work.

Wordsmith Chrome Extension

Building Wordsmith provided a great learning experience in seeing a project through its entire lifespan: from ideation to development. There’s been positive reception by way of reviews and tweets, and I’m excited to continue to launch added functionality and more words!