Natalie Schoch is a designer based in San Francisco, CA. She’s passionate about crafting digital experiences and brand identities. She’s currently a brand designer at Stripe and was previously at Gusto and Handshake


UX and Visual design — 2019

Dipsea design onboarding

Redesigning Dipsea’s onboarding flow

Dipsea is the first audio platform for sexual wellness. It provides short and sexy audio stories made for women. I worked with the Dipsea team to create an onboarding experience for new users and trial subscribers. 
The goal of the onboarding flow was to educate users, create a high-touch and personalized experience, and increase content discoverability.

By asking users to answer four simple questions about themselves, we were able to recommend a story personalized to their tastes and preferences.

Dipsea onboarding mobile screensDipsea mobile screen

Gina Gutierrez—Co-founder
Faye Keegan—Co-founder