Natalie Schoch is a designer based in San Francisco, CA. She’s passionate about crafting digital experiences and brand identities. She’s currently a brand designer at Stripe and was previously at Gusto and Handshake

F&B: Voices from the Kitchen

Art direction and design — 2019

La Cocina design

A live magazine event

F&B: Voices from the Kitchen is a storytelling project created by La Cocina. It seeks to share the voices and stories from the cooks and kitchens that are less often heard. The event is a twice-yearly performance that revolves around (and includes) food and drink on a singular topic or theme.
I worked with the F&B team to create an program for the show that outlined the night’s agenda, the event speakers, and the volunteer food vendors. The design was inspired by the event's theme—Recipes. I worked with the talented Ry Macaraya on the illustrations, providing content and art direction.

La cocina program
Detail of La Cocina programLa Cocina gif

Ry Macayara—Illustration
Bonnie Ross—Project manager